Weight loss & retracking!

So despite the lack of updates here I haven’t fallen off the fit train … Still been working hard going to the gym & eating clean-ish. I’m almost down to 140lbs now which is AMAZING! I’m so happy about. Haven’t been that light in months. Going to start carb-cycling… Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri (low carb) Wed-Sat-Sun high to moderate. Well, I’ve already started.

Monday 11th – 1350 calories, 26g carbs, 112g protein, 85g fat

Tuesday 12th – 1300 calories, 25g carbs, 115g protein, 81g fat

Annnnnd here is yesterday’s workout:

Barbell squats – deep and concentrating on pushing through heels
(Bar x 20) (50kg x 10) (50kg x 14) (50kg x 10)

Lunge BB
(40kg x 8) (40kg x 8)

SS squats BB
(40kg x 8) (40kg x 8)

Walking lunges followed by 10 box jumps
(14kg x 8 each leg) (14kg x 8) (14kg x 8) (30kg x 4 no box jumps)

50 wall ball squats no weight
Felt like I was going to pass out.

Ab super set
Sit ups 3kg med ball x 15 x 15 x 10
V sit ups x 15 x 15 x 10
Heel touches x 30 x 30 x 30

Wasn’t a very long workout because I felt like I was going to faint…. definitely felt it in my quads later though it was hurting to even stand or sit or put any kind of pressure on them at all! Got an essay to write today… I’ve told myself I need to do a paragraph before I can go to the gym, that’ll motivate me to get it done!


DEADLIFTS! 29th April 2015

Sooooo went to the gym on Monday with a friend & trained legs! Didn’t record the specifics because I thought it was probably quite rude to be on my phone between each set and just had a laugh instead. Did squats (only up to 60kg), leg press, extensions… think that’s it and 25 mins of cardio.

Monday 27th MACROS : Carbs 111g protein 85g fat 50g calories 1225

Yesterday I went before work (& before breakfast so felt weak as hell but it’s supposed to be good for burning body fat… even though I didn’t do much because I felt like I was going to pass out!) did a little circuit:

12kg kettlebell (20 goblet squats x 10 step ups each leg x 15 kettlebell swings) X3 and then 15 mins cardio.

Tues 28th MACROS: Carbs 153g protein 99g fat 53g calories 1509

Then today I went again… Had SO much energy this morning was great, dunno if it was to do with the months worth of vitamins I took in one afternoon yesterday… the gummy ones are like sweets! Yummy. I love it when I feel motivated to go in and do some heavy lifting. Also my trainers are PERFECT for running, especially now I have over pronation soles in them. Fit great and nothing hurts when I run. Apart from when I get a stitch… lol. Just pushed through it today anyway and did an extra 20 mins cardio on the treadmill (at various speeds) after this:

(60kg x 8) (80kg x 2) (80kg x 2) (60kg x 6) (60kg x 5)

Assisted Pull ups
(40kg x 10) (40kg x 10) (35.5kg x 5) (35.5kg x 6)

Single arm kettle bell rows
(12kg x 10) (12kg x 10) (12kg x 10)

Smith machine rows
(Bar x 12) (10kg x 8) (10kg x 8)

Cable face pulls
(13.75kg x 15) (16.25kg x 12) (18.75kg x 8)

Single cable rows from above
(11.25kg x 10) (13.75kg x 8) (13. 75kg x 8)

Single cable curls
6 reps at 6.25kg then drop down to 3.25kg for 6 reps X 2

Also first time using my polar watch in ages! My workout took my 1 hour and 7 minutes & apparently I burnt 400 calories although thats doubtful! Will update with my macros when I finish eating later.

29th April MACROS: carbs: 60g protein: 140g fat:58  calories: 1470

Pulled muscles & big left foot….

So I went into the gym on Thursday intending to do my back and I did do quite a few exercises…. but the issue is that it was really hurting my neck area… to the point where I was feeling it on both sides really badly which prevented me doing many sets of each exercise or some even at all. I just did what I could and then did a load of sets on my arms (biceps / triceps) because it didn’t hurt or pull anything when I did those!! Not going to bother recording the workout here because it was a bit lame.

Thennnnn yesterday I went in my new trainers!! Which I love but I think my right foot is smaller than my left because it’s too big on my right foot, but now that I’ve worn them to the gym I can’t return them so I’ve just bought overpronation insoles so maybe that will help and make them even more supportive. I’m supposed to be going to the gym with a friend on Monday so that will be fun!! Here is y’days workout:

Sumo deadlifts
(40kg x 10) (40kg x 10) (40kg x 10) (40kg x 10)

Split squats
(14kg x 15) (20kg x 12) (20kg x 12)

Ball wall squats
(15kg x 20) (15kg x 20) (15kg x 20)

Cable work
Hamstring curls (3.75kg x 12) (3.75kg x 12) (6.75kg x 10)
SS with kickbacks (3.75kg x 10) (6.25kg x 12) (6.75kg x 10)

Then with strap around one ankle step out and squat
(3.75kg x 10) (6.75kg x 10)

I overate quite a bit yesterday because I was stressed doing my assignment… but I woke up today 4lbs lighter which is brilliant!!!! =D

Thurs 23rd April Macros: carbs – 71g protein – 133g fat – 44g 1267 calories

Friday 24th Macros: carbs – 129g protein – 134g fat – 83g 1960 calories

Sprintys & circuit fun!

Sooooo Tues I walked around about 4 miles & then popped over to the gym after work. Did 10 interval sprints most at 13kph and then the last three at 14kph which I know isn’t that fast but I’ve been getting pain in my feet & ankles when I run & think it’s related to my trainers so I have ordered a new pair for over pronaters that should be arriving tomo with more support!! Which means more & faster sprints =) walked for 1 min and then sprinted for 30 seconds X10.

 92138These are the new ones! Lunarglide 6. Supposedly good for runners whose feet roll inwards (overpronate) like mine do! We shall seeeeeeeeeee. 

And then after my hiit sprints I did a little shoulder circuit. I’ve pulled a muscle in my neck from training shoulders which is a little bit annoying but there you go.

10 box jumps SS 8kg snatches x 8
10 box jumps SS 8kg snatches x 8
10 box jumps SS 20kg shoulder press x 10
10 box jumps SS 20kg shoulder press x 10

Then I did some lateral raises with 6kg single arm supersetted with 5kg front raises with both hands on the plate. Didn’t actually record how many or anything though. Pretty sure I did more box jumps as well between sets. Then yesterday I walked 4 miles again but didn’t go to the gym…. I have so so so much work to do for uni so I just decided to sleep & ignore everything & watch GoT haha! I’ll go later today though. In the library now about to do some work.

21st April TUES MACROS: carbs 87g – protein 90g – fat 70g  1405 cals

22nd April WED MACROS carbs 91g – protein 119g – fat 69g 1475 cals

20th Monday SQUATS!!

So I did 40 mins of cardio on Saturday. Today I went & did legs and some more cardio!

SS = supersetted so two different exercises straight after another.

(15 x bar) (10 x 60kg) (3 x 80kg) (3 x 80kg) (8 x 60kg) (8 x 60kg) (15 x 40kg)

Walking lunges SS (10 x 20kg squats) X3
(20kg x 12) (20kg x 16) (20kg x 16)

Kettle bell swings SS (10 Bulgarian jump squats)
(12kg x 12) (12kg x 15) (12kg x 15)

Hip thrusters
(50kg x 12) (50kg x 12) (50kg x 12) (50kg x 12) (50kg x 12)

10 Squats jumps SS 10 step ups with kickback each leg (8kg both exercises)

20min cycling 8km

MACROS : 97g carbs , 124g protein , 54g fat. 1414 cals.

Thursday 16th

Soooo did my hamstring / glute workout two days ago now! Was almost going to give it a miss because it had been quite a trying day… some personal drama going on & I just felt a bit sh*t and drained. But I ended up going because that’s no reason to miss the gym! Didn’t workout as hard as I usually do spent a bit of time messing around with the smith machine trying to do leg presses & kickbacks on there. & then did some little circuity bits at the end I didn’t record. Here’s the bulk of the workout:

Smith lunges
(Bar x 10 alternating) (20kg x 10 alternating)
(20kg x 10 pulsing) (20kg x 10 pulsing)

Barbell Stiff Deads
(30kg x 10) (30kg x 10) (30kg x 10)

Hip thrusts
(50kg x 10) (50kg x 12) (50kg x 10) (50kg x 10)

Wall ball squats
(8kg x 20) (8kg x 20) (8kg x 12)

One leg stiff dead lift
(12kg x 10) (12kg x 8)

MACROS 16th April Thurs: 98g carbs – 122g protein – 46g fat 1366 calories

MACROS 17th April Fri (no gym): 64g carbs – 108g protein – 46g fat 1131 calories

Diet holy grail?! BACK & BIs

I bought some Atkins pasta today & it was SO SO good. 60g of pasta is equal to 200 cals and 30g of protein. I see a perfect guiltless cheat right there this weekend… although it would fit in my macros most days if I wanted it to! I’m such a pasta girl.

Delt flys DB

(4kg x 10) (4kg x 10) (4kg x 10) (3kg x 12)

Seated machine rows
(42kg x 8) (35kg x 12) (35kg x 10)

Close grip cable pulldowns
(18.75kg x 20) (21.25kg x 15) (23.75kg x 12)

Cable rear flys
(1.875kg x 15) (1.875kg x 15) (1.25kg x 15)

Curl super set 7.5kg Dumbbells then 5kg plate to burn out with both hands.
(7.5kg x 8) (5kg plate x 20) (7.5kg x 8) (5kg plate x 20) (7.5kg x 5) (5kg plate x 20)

I then did some cardio… 2km in 15 mins at various speeds (bare in mind my legs were made for squatting not running lol…) & then 10 minutes on a high incline elliptical.  25 mins in total!

MACROS: 72g carbs – 50g fat – 104g protein – 1219 calories. (so hungry but I’m not losing weight so I thought I’d throw a few restrictive days in)